This is the place where everything we love comes together. You can find on display the pottery work of our master potter and those of contributing artists alongside to the products from the Chouf terroir: A wide range of natural goods produced in the region and packed specially for us like herbs, honeys, olive oils and soaps. Everything you love you are most likely to find it here.


During past and present events, we are always proud to showcase work from our contributing potters and friends. Their names are engraved in Bkerzay and you will find some of their work on display here too.

Dana Barchini, Graham Stevenson, Helene Abtour, Lina Shamma, Lola Gavin, Maha Nasrallah, Mahasen Ajam, May Abboud, Micha Amyouni, Michel El Bacha, Mona Sayegh, Nada Zeineh, Najwa Nahas, Nour Ali, Samar Mogharbel, Sana Halwani Tawil, Tania Salami, Joyce Samaha, Nada Rizk, Guitta Melki and Rima Amyouni.